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We take care of your Application needs. Our Lotus Domino servers can meet all your e-mail and collaboration needs. Our AS/400s can host any AS/400-based applications.


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Why do I need an ASP?
What hardware do you use, and why?
What software do you use?
How do you support Microsoft Exchange if you only run Domino?
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AS/400 / i5 / iSeries Hosting
Have your AS/400 available all day, from anywhere in the world! Our operators will monitor your AS/400, back it up, and with complete redundancy, guarantee that your data is available around the clock, without interruption.

* A secure connection to your AS/400 from anywhere you desire or allow
* Allow your users to work from home when necessary
* 24-hour availability
* Complete attended backup each night
* Monitor your AS/400 around the clock
* Liberate office space taken by resource-intensive computer rooms
* Cut costs of computer personnel
* Complete redundancy....hardware, software, and data connections
* No more down time
* Need to grow? No problem! Just one call to us does it all!


Internet Connectivity
We can provide your primary or redundant Internet connection.

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